Web Development


Our technical expertise and decade-long experience as a website design company in India help us to exceed your expectations. Bitwitz is a reputed name in the India web development and web design service domain. We offer state-of-the-art Website Designing and Development services that can help you consolidate your online presence.

Website Designing & Re-designing

For any business, be it local or global, a website has become an integral tool to interact with their target market and disseminate information to their prospective clients. At Bitwitz, we offer our clients a wide range of websites ranging from small businesses to large industries depending upon their requirements. Our services are custom made to suit your pocket size. Our team of expert web designers puts their heart and soul into bringing your imagination alive on the internet through their excellent web templates. Keeping in mind the latest trends in various segments of the market, we offer a wide range of visually attractive and interactive websites depending upon the nature of your business and the requirement.

Website Development

At Bitwitz master the art of developing websites which includes every task from conceptualization to coding, designing to content development taking care of even the minor details of the client’s specification. All websites developed by us have inherent qualities like Accessibility, Compatibility, Usability, Readability, and Navigability apart from making measures for network security. We do the scripting of the websites in JavaScript, PHP, or CSS, and all the latest technologies like ASP, PHP, .NET, and JAVA are used to create the server-side coding.

Website Maintenance, Technical Help & Support

Gone are the days when website development was a one-time task. Today, the need of the hour is the continuous maintenance of your websites. Reasons being, with changing trend in market and economy, businesses need to update their websites from time to time so that it does not become obsolete. The new addition of products and services, changes in website content to maintain pace with the market, informing about the recent development in company’s management, etc. are required to be performed at regular intervals so that your website does not become obsolete. It also helps in maintain page ranks on search engines.