HRM Solutions


People, Process, Technology Solutions Company focussed on aligning Human Capital to Business strategy incorporated as a Bitwitz best hrm solution is Managed by Professionals with IT experience and is funded by Promoter Director- Experienced in Process and Technology Consulting.

HRM Solutions adopts the following HR Practices:

  • Employee stock option.

  • Rewards and Incentive schemes

  • Continuous Training-Self Paced Learning

  • Continuous appraisal and review process

  • Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention Management

Recruitment Process:

Search Committee (SC)
  • Selected by the Hiring Manager and assigned to each recruitment

  • Reviews applications, participates in the interview process and recommends final applicant

Bitwitz provide Equal Employment & Affirmative Action

  • Reviews and approves interview short lists.

  • Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity laws.

  • Provides consultation and assistance during the recruitment process.

  • Provides diversity profile data, availability and placement goals.

  • Works with the AACO to ensure a diverse applicant pool exists.

  • Provides guidance upon request to the AACL-SC to ensure all aspects of the recruitment process are fair and unbiased and incompliance with.