Application Development


Google Android presents a software stack for mobile devices constituting an operating system, middleware, and key applications. Bitwitz provides Application Development and Android development and provides the necessary tools and APIs required to develop custom applications using the Java programming language. Android OS and Android come with a set of core applications, all written using the Java programming language, including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others.

Google’s Android is much more available and talked about than any other mobile OS. Smartphones, unlike a few years ago, have attracted a mass today who are not professionals but are looking for more entertainment out of their cell phones. Google Android phones have become fairly popular because of the deluge of advantages it offers.

Bitwitz provide Advantages of Google Android Phone

Open Platform: Google Android with Android OS and Google Android SDK is an open platform, which means that the Google code is available for people to look at and edit for making their projects fairly innovative and gives you quality features for anyone to program them into the system. In addition to this, Google Open Source Platform also indicates that the device could be used on multiple networks. An Android phone makes itself available on the most popular networks these days. This helps when you are switching from one to another because you won’t have to make a complete change in whatever you are using.

Android OS permits third parties to develop applications for the Android phone which could be installed and used by anyone. This is in contrast to many other platforms which demand permission to install the software. With the Google Android phone, you are free to choose which software you wish to install.

An Android phone comes with a guarantee that it works well with Google products. Google products have a huge customer base for the variety of features and flexibility they offer. Whether it’s YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, or any other Google product; an Android phone gives you access to a wide variety of application development which you can comfortably use within your phone and your computer.